To scale at pace, we will build strategic partnerships that can take healthy meal options into other national channels, where healthy food options are often limited. This includes hospitals, aged care, universities, schools, the armed forces and many more. 

We are also partnering with some of the most innovative suppliers to the food industry to develop new solutions for healthy eating in terms of sustainable ingredients, packaging, logistics and distribution.


National Retailers

Our wholesale clients include the national grocers Aldi and Metcash. Aldi is the fastest growing supermarket chain in Australia


Direct - Online Ordering

FFH range of meal plans are also available online and meals plans can be delivered direct to the consumer. FFH has continued to invest in it magento e-commerce platform to be able to offer its brands directly to the home

National Vending


FFH has partnered with a national vending company to bring a health food solution to this distribution channel.


Traditionally vending has been about high sugar soft drink and snacks and in many locations around Australia vending can be an important meal option.


This partnership is now bringing healthy food vending to all corners of Australia.

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