Fresh Food Holdings aims to become the market leader in healthy, fresh ready meals, with produce sourced from Australia for Australians.

FFH will do this by selected acquisitions and innovating in the sector, developing new supply chains and national distribution, leveraging the latest food technology and developing new channels to market.

The consumer purpose of FFH is to give everyone in Australia access to fresh, tasty and affordable healthy food, irrespective of income and location, helping Australians shift away from the traditional frozen and fast food category.

Food and staff safety is our number one priority and our manufacturing facilities are SQF certified, the highest standard in the world. We have an end to end COVID-19 risk management system implemented. Please contact us for further details.


FFH’s is expanding its wholesale/contract manufacturing capability and supplying national retailers with their private label fresh, ready meals. Private label is now a priority for supermarkets and ready meals is one of their fastest growing categories.

FFH will also grow by building out selected proprietary ready meals brands for mass and niche markets.


We are also partnering with innovative suppliers to the food industry to develop new solutions for healthy eating in terms of sustainable ingredients, packaging, shelf life, logistics and distribution.


4 out of 5 Australians don't eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables

Rapid growth both wholesale and direct



FFH’s mission is to grow our business through our wholesale division - contract manufacturing for retailer’s who have the national distribution to bring healthy, affordable ready meals to Australians across the country.

FFH is also investing in its proprietary brands including  Fresh Gurus. This new product is for both retail and vending distribution and leverages the latest in extended shelf life technology for fresh ready meals.



FFH will grow in niche markets by building out FFH’s direct division to service the needs of consumer groups that are not currently served well by retail.


This includes people who have limited access to healthy food options because of where they live or their limited mobility. It also includes servicing coeliac, diabetics and other people who are must choose their food carefully for health reasons and find this difficult to source on the high street.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us here

Fresh Food Holdings is a consortium of investors and experienced Executives who can see the market opportunity for fresh, chilled ready meals category and have experience in running high volume, low margin wholesale and retail businesses.



FFH is a consortium of investors, entrepreneurs and seasoned executives who understand high volume wholesale and retail businesses. This team has a track record of building and floating companies and working for some of the most iconic brands in Australia.

This is complemented by the specialist food manufacturing team acquired by FFH, who have the specific menu design, branding, sales, production and food safety expertise in this category.


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